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(I’m running register when a family comes through with a plastic figurine of a chimera. Three heads, snake for a tail, wings, whole nine yards of mythological monster. Upon realizing it doesn’t have its tag, they insist that they don’t want to put us through the hassle of looking for its barcode number and decide not to buy it. It’s a pretty cool figurine, so I keep it at my register on the counter and a while later a mother and daughter come by. The daughter’s eyes are immediately glued to the figurine.)

Daughter: “Mom, Mom, look they /do/ have one!”

Mother: “Oh cool! We were looking for one of these.” *realizes it doesn’t have its tag* “It’s missing its tag though honey.”

Me: “I can ask someone to get the information for this guy it you’d like.”

Mother: “Are you sure?”

Me: “Absolutely, it’d be no problem!”

(I call out to a coworker to find the information, but we weren’t able to find the exact item. A manager approves us using the barcode of another figure in the line, which I explain to the mother, and it rings up a fair amount more than I’d expected. The entire time this process is going on, the daughter has been intently studying the figurine.)

Me: “It’s coming in at [price], it is showing regular-price so you could use a coupon if you wanted to.”

Mom: “That’s actually what we figured it was from the others on the shelf, you still want it [daughter’s name]?”

Daughter: “Oh, yes, please! I love him.”

Mom: “Okay, we’ll take him.”

(The mother pays, full price, and the entire time the daughter is bouncing on the balls of her feet. After handing them their receipt…)

Me: “You guys have a nice night, thanks for stopping by!”

Daughter: “I’m so happy I could faint!”