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(I work at a hobby shop that sells board games, card games, and also sells airsoft guns and equipment. We recently added a TV with various consoles so customers could come in and play competitive games. On slow days, I’m allowed to play games to pass the time. We also run an airsoft field nearby and host games every Saturday.)
(Customers come in.)
Me: Welcome to [hobby store], what can I do for you today?
Customer 1: Fine thank you.
(I’m used to no one listening to me when I greet them so I just smile.)
Customer 2: Just going to get ammo and head to the field.
Me: Would you like to pay for your pass here?
Customer 2: A what?
Me: A field pass.
Customer 2: How much is that?
Me: $10
Customer 2: What do I do with that?
Me: (Thinking I had misheard them about going to our the field I suddenly feel embarrassed for asking) It’s a… pass, to play on our… field?
Customer 2: OH! A /field/ pass. Like the field fee? Yes I’ll pay for it here. I always just pay when I get there.
Customer 1: (Stops looking at merchandise) I can do that here? I’ll pay for mine too!
Me: (after the transactions are complete) Thank you, have a good game!
Customer 1: You too! (They both leave)
Me: He didn’t hear me that time either? (I look over at the TV and game console.) Oh will have a good game too. Ha!

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