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(i work in a car wash, i am 16 we have this one woman who cannot learn the facts )

Her: I would like my car to be washed NOW!

ME: Sorry maam but there were other people here before you and theyre going first

Her: we I’m here now so f**k Everyone else (pushes by a 6ft 5 looking guynwho looked like the splitting image of the hulk thats what he is gonna be called from now on)
Hulk: Nah its fine this b***h can go first

Me: ok then
(so she kept get to pissed off, trying to hit me so me her and the hulk [wanted to come out for my back up])

Her: my cars here so can you help me with it all

Me: Ok….

(after this she rufuses to pay us and pours a bucket off water all over which lets everyone see all of my “stuff”)

She turns to “the hulk” : and you , you fat fuck do you work here as well?

Hulk: no im here so i can provide back up for this young lady

Her: so f**k of then
(tries to get into car which is blocked by him)

Hulk: and also this
(Smashes her car window which a fist and goes to the front of the car and throws multiple punches into the bonnet)

Needless to say she paid for her knsurance and the wash, he got his wash for free and he offered him a job as a bodyguard which he accepts.

She came back later and tried to get the Jul to Jul her money for insurance and which she foolishly said her name in like a rant style

He said ok, ok my name is [her husbands name] they should know me there

Turns out he knew her and how violent she is and she got charged double

We always have a good chuckle about every once and again

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