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(I work in a discount department store that has locations nationwide, and even though the location I work in is quite small, we get tourists passing through who are going to Mexico who come from California, Las Vegas, etc who do returns at our store from purchases up north. We allow these returns as long as they have a receipt and original packaging/tags. This particular day, I’ve been at the customer service till for 14 hours, waiting for someone else to come in so I can clock out and go home. I am 19 yrs old.)

(A very beautiful young lady, early 20s, comes up to my till)
Me: Hello good afternoon, how are you doing today?
Customer #1: I need to return this, it doesn’t match.
Me: Of course, I can get that taken care of for you right away. Do you have your receipt?
Customer #1: It’s in the bag.
(I look through the bag quickly, then again carefully. There’s no receipt, though the original tags are still on the items being returned.)
Me: Ma’am, I’m sorry, but your receipt is not in the bag. Perhaps you still have it on you?
Customer #1: No, it’s in the bag. Check again.
(I check again, carefully and obviously, letting her see each movement I make.)
Me: No, I’m afraid it’s not here. May I ask at what location you purchased this? I may be able to get you store credit if it’s not been too long since the original purchase.
Customer #1: Oh I bought it at the Sacramento store three weeks ago.
Me: Alright, thank you. I’ll go ahead and check at what price it will scan as, since if it has been on sale since then, as this is store credit, you’ll get the lower amount back. (I check) It’s still original price ma’am. Would you be alright with store credit then? It has no expiration date but I’d need a State ID or DL to process it.
Customer #1: Sure, go ahead. Here you go.
Me: Thank you.
(As I start processing the return, another customer walks up to the till and begins talking to the first.)
Customer #2: So you’re getting your money back?
Customer #1: I’m getting store credit. I guess I forgot to put the receipt in the bag because it wasn’t there.
Customer #2: Oh! I have the receipt! I picked it up, remember? Here, hey, you, stop the return and do it with the receipt.
Me: …please wait while I call a manager to void the transaction. I’ve already done most of it and can’t just cancel at this point.
Customer #1: Oh, no, it’s ok, I always shop here anyways. Go ahead and finish.
Customer #2: No no, it’s better if we get our money back, that way we have more to spend elsewhere.
Customer #1: But she’s already done most of it and it’ll take a bit before a manager gets here. Let’s just finish and get out of here.
Customer #2: But! (opens eyes very wide while staring at Customer #1, obviously wanting to get a point across.)
Customer #1: Oh! Yes, yes. I’m sorry, but I’d prefer it back on my card after all.
Me: Yes, ma’am. I’ve already called the manager, he’s on his way over.
(Five minutes later, my 29 yr old male manager has voided it and stepped to the side to help me pick up my area while I finish with the ladies, as finally someone has come in to relieve me and I’ll be counting my cash drawer after them.)
Me: Alright, now all you have to do is swipe your card in the reader and put in your pin. You’ll be credited back to your account within 2-3 business days.
Customer #1: Can I swipe now or do I wait?
Me: (nodding) Strip down facing me.
Customer #1: (freezes) I’m sorry?
Me: Strip down facing me.
Customer #1: Um…okay? Why though?
Me: (very confused now) Um, because that’s how it’s done? I’m sorry, I know it’s a bit odd, but that’s just the way these things are.
Customer #2: Erm, just her or me too?
Me: (beyond confused): um, just her, unless you had something to return as well?
Customer #2: No, no!! I’m fine.
Customer #1: (Nervously glances around, sees what I see, I suppose: store full of people, mid-afternoon, almost everyone busy with their own thing) Ok then.
Customer #1 begins to unbutton her blouse in front of me. I, in my shock and confusion, do nothing but stare, wondering what is going on.
Manager: [My name]! What is going on? Ma’am! Stop!
Customer #2: She told her to! She said to strip down facing her! That it was a bit odd but it was just the way things were done here!
Manager: [My name]?!
Me: Oh! I’m sorry, no, no, I meant the CARD, strip down, facing me! The CARD!! The machine is crooked so that’s why it’s ‘strip down facing me’ and not ‘facing away’ but I meant the CARD!!!
(After we all settled, the ladies left, and I had closed down and counted my till, and I was walking with my manager to the back, he asks me once we’re in the cash room)
Manager: So, [my name], just how did you get a California model to agree to strip for you in the middle of the freaking store?
Me: I have no idea. Could I watch the security tapes though? Maybe I can figure it out then…
Manager: Get out of here. Go home. Sleep.
Manager: If you figure it out though, share!