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*I’m the idiot in this story. Note, I’m sometimes very out of it, and this was one of those days.*

I’m looking at the selection of wraps in a heated display case, pouring over what to choose. The cabinet’s flat back is opposite me, while curved front display is facing me. There is no one behind the counter. A sign in the cabinet next to it containing baked goods says “Please ask for assistance to take these items”. So I flag down a lady in uniform and ask for help.

Me: Can I have one of these? *Pointing to a wrap in the display case*
Lady: Yes, go ahead.

*We blankly stare at each other for a moment*

Me: Should I, uh, go behind the counter and grab one?
Lady: Sorry?
*She looks at me like I’m crazy, which, thinking back I probably sounded*

Me: Shall you get one for me then?
Lady: I really don’t know what you’re saying.

She then proceeds to toss more wraps from her basket into the cabinet, which, lo and behold, actually had no glass covering the curved front end. All this time, I simply assumed there was one and that I had to get items from behind the glass. I quickly took my wrap, awkwardly laughed and sped off towards the cashier as fast as possible.