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(My mother is the head cake decorator for a grocery store and does a lot of wedding cakes. One of them she had to do they wanted to have their own cake topper and said they’d bring it in a week before the wedding. So when 2 weeks before the wedding comes around she usually calls just to make sure they’re still ok with it. The bride doesn’t answer and doesn’t have her voicemail set up neither does her fiance. She calls 3 other times that week still no answer. Bride doesn’t show up to give cake topper and now my mom called 3 more times and still no answer. She assumes at this time they decided not to go with her since they haven’t even tried to contact her and this some times happens. The day of the wedding comes and they get a call the bride in tears because she doesn’t have her cake. They agree to do cupcakes or a sheet cake for free but that’s all they can do in such short notice. They bring the cupcakes there and someone shouts “THE CAKE IS HERE.” with cheers. At this time the father of the bride says he wants a refund on the original cake, they hadn’t paid for the original cake. He swears he paid for it and asked if he had a receipt, he didn’t, but swears he paid for it in cash [it was an $800ish cake.] He starts to get furious when his wife steps in and says that was [other wedding thing.] He gets flustered and thanks them for the free cupcakes.)
(Morale of the story if you’re planning a wedding keep all your receipts and please set up your voicemail.)