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I’m in self check out, minding my own business wearing dark blue scrubs.
Lady rolls up in the motorized cart: “where can I find a manager?”
Me: (keeps scanning)
Lady: exCUSE me where an I find a manager?
Me: (looks up realizing she’s talking to me when I see an employee standing nearby). I blurted out “I have no idea”
Lady: well why are you scanning items?
Me: These are my items, I just got off work and want to go home. The store color is red, this is navy.
Lady: (getting irritated) Well I need a manager!
Me: (paying) well I suggest you find someone in red who can help. Sorry.
Lady: (sees employee) (loudly) excuse me! I need a manager! And this woman was rude and wouldnt help
Employee: I can call one but she doesn’t work here
Lady: (looks mad)
Me: I used to work for [company], my employee ID was [number] feel free to ask. (puts items cart)
Employee: (mouths sorry)
Me: (smile and say loudly) good luck!