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I work at a large retail chain in the fitting room. Part of my duties include answering all incoming calls to the store. Corporate has announced that they will be closing several stores. My store, Store A, is safe, but the store the next county over, Store B, is not so lucky. My feeling of relief is replaced by the knowledge that I will soon be inundated by callers asking if we will be closing. I was not wrong. Then I received the following call.
Caller 1: My friend was in Store B, and she said there was sign saying that Stores B, A, and C (the next county over from them) were closing.
Me: Ma’am, Store A is not closing, and I haven’t heard anything about Store C closing.
Caller 1: Well, that’s what my friend said.
A little bit later:
Caller 2: I was in Store B, and I saw a sign that said Stores A, B, and, C were closing.
Me: Store A is not closing, and I don’t believe Store C is closing either.
Being a regular reader of this website, I know that customers don’t read signs carefully, if they even bother to read them at all, so I start thinking.
Caller 3: I was in Store B, and there was a sign saying that Stores A, B, and C will be closing.
Me: No, Store A is not closing, and I don’t believe Store C is closing. Does the sign perhaps say something along the lines of ‘Store B is closing, so the next closest stores are Stores A and C?’
Caller 3: Maybe