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(I work at a national fast food chain that is drive-in themed. Customers pull up to one of our many stalls, press a button, and a buzzer sounds inside so one of the employees knows a customer is ready to order. This means that while we communicate to customers directly, it is over a speaker and they cannot see or hear us unless we have a button held down. This happens to my good friend, a shift manager, while I’m cooking.)

Manager: (Restaraunt), this is (Name). May I take your order?

(The customer makes a generous order, one of their purchases being three chicken strip sandwiches. My manager mishears them, and says two sandwiches instead of three when reading the order back. We read the order back because our customers have no display of what they’re ordering, so we read it back to avoid mistakes.)

Manager: Okay, so I have (order). Is that all for you today?

Customer: NO! I said THREE chicken strip sandwiches, you freakin’ retard!

(Everybody in the store stops to make sure we heard that right.)

Me: Do you know this kid?

Manager: *throwing his hands up, clearly flustered* No! He’s just some random kid! I don’t even…!

(Our store is in a small town with typically very polite customers, but even our bad customers simply get impatient at the worst.)

Manager: Okay, sorry about that, sir. Anything else for you?

Customer: No. That’s it, jeez.

Manager: *finishes order and stands there for a minute*

Me: Dude, you okay?

Manager: Yeah I just don’t wanna know what kinda day this kid has had today.

(No happy ending for this story. Not the worst story on this site, I just think it’s weird how upset people get over little mistakes that can easily be corrected.)