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(I’m the dumb customer in this story. I’m at Tim Horton’s, wanting to get a candy cane hot chocolate. As soon as I get up to the till, this is what happens:)

Me: Do you guys still have the candy cane hot chocolate, or no?

Worker: I can make it for you, but I’ll just be able to do the mint flavour, whipped cream, and chocolate syrup, since we have no candy cane.

Me: Oh, that’s OK. I’ll have that, then.

(This is what I thought he said:)

Worker: What would you like?

Me: I’ll have that–the hot chocolate with the whipped cream.

(This must be what he actually said:)

Worker: Yes, but what size would you like?

Me: Oh. Small, please. Don’t mind me. I’m out of it.