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(I’m waiting in line at Tim Horton’s, simply wanting a smoothie and a cookie. The exchange in front of me takes five minutes, just to simply pay. The person was an elderly man and extremely hard of hearing, despite the fact he had hearing aids on. The guy kept saying what he wanted, what he already had, and kept misunderstanding the worker. Finally, the total came to whatever total it was, but he still didn’t pay the entirety of it. He still had, I believe, $4.70 remaining. It took the old man how many different tries to figure out what the total was, especially after hearing the worker wrong. When he finally heard “70” in the “4.70”, it still took him awhile to pay. Then, he didn’t understand where the waiting counter was. I felt bad, and I almost wanted to pay for his purchase, until he finally did. Finally, when he was finished, I walked up to the same till, where the Tim Horton’s worker threw back his head and rolled his eyes, saying, “Sorry about that. How can I help you?” I finally got my order and sat down. Then, the old man was back at it again. This time, ordering the steak sandwich. Another worker had to ask three times whether he wanted everything on it, or not. As much as it is frustrating, you can’t help but feel bad for the hard of hearing…)