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I went home for a week to see my family, and they own an online shop shop selling angel gifts and other stuff like that. While I was there the following conversation happened:

Mum: Hey can you check the website for me to see if the contacts detail have changed from when we moved.
Me: sure (checks website) Nope all the details have changed, why?
Mum: Just had so woman on the phone saying we went to the house address on the website but the shop isn’t there,
(Considering we moved from that address two years ago i would not expect the shop to be there, even then it is an online shop)

(Phone rings)
Customer: Hi I would like to come and get a fairy from you but when I got there the shop wasn’t there. I had to dive 80 miles to come and get this fair what can you do about it.
Mum: Well i can find the fairy for you and send it out first class tomorrow morning and it should get there by Saturday.
Customer: Yeah, I wanted it for my sister who’s going back to [country] soon so that’s why we drove all the way here, How far would it be from here to come pick up the fairy now.
Mum: It would be another 80 miles so i really wouldn’t recommenced driving all the way up here. I will send it out first class tomorrow, all you need to do it go on to the website and order it from there.
Customer: Okay we shall do that, But I have been driving for an hour to get to this house so when I pay for it can you take some money off because I have already driven this far and can’t afford it.
Mum: No I am afraid i can’t take money off just because you have driven for an hour. On the website it says its an online shop, and the postage can’t be drooped because of the royal mail charges and the price on the fairy can not be dropped because its a limited addition fairy and it isn’t being made anymore.
Customer: [Click}

Mum: Well that was a F***ing Stupid phone call, it says we are an online shop and I am still getting people calling me saying I’m here to buy this item. It is funny though because now we can laugh about it.