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I’m working at my school’s service desk that also rents out equipment like beamers, cables to hook up your laptop to any device and the like, so a lot of my customers are teachers. Most of them being from a major i don’t follow, so i don’t really know them. Everyone can barrow anything from our desk as long as they present a student or teachers pass. There is this one teacher who keeps insisting he doesn’t need his pass.

Me: I’m sorry but i really have to scan your pass to put these items on.

teacher: Yeah but i’m a teacher.*winks*

me: Doesn’t matter. We need to know where our items are and who has them, that way we make sure nothing gets stolen.

teacher: But.. i’m a teacher. You can trust me *winks again.*

me: *holding up my scanner.* Sorry, no pass, no goods. It’s our policy.

teacher: But… i’m a staff member! And i’m in a hurry, so could you please…?

me: you have a teachers pass, yes?

teacher: Yes i do, but you can trust me.

This goes back and furth for a while until he reluctantly gets his pass out. If he had done that in the first place, he could have gone to his class 10 minutes sooner.