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*I work in a relatively small storage facility, and this is at the very beginning of the day. Not one minute after I walk in the office, we aren’t technically open for another 10 minutes, a customer yanks the door open because I decided to set my belongings down before locking the door behind me*

Me: “Good morning sir.”

Customer: “No, it is NOT a good morning.”

Me: “I’m sorry to hear that, what seems to be the issue?”

Customer: “WHY didn’t you tell me the elevator is broken? My movers are here to remove my items and now I’ll need to reschedule them.”

Me: “Unfortunately, the east elevator is out of service and will be repaired soon. In the meantime, you’re welcome to use the west elevator on the opposite end of the hall so you won’t need to reschedule your movers.”

*At this point, the customer looks at me dumbfounded*

Customer: “You mean to tell me there is another elevator in the building?

Me: “Yes sir, it is on the west side of the building approximately 75 feet from the elevator that is currently out of service. It’s at the other end of the hall.”

Customer: “Well that’s just UNACCEPTABLE! You’re supposed to have called me to tell me the elevator isn’t working!”

Me: “Sir, I do have over 400 other tenants in the facility, I can’t call every single person to inform them that one of the two elevators are broken when they can use the working elevator or the stairs to access their space.”

Customer: *shouting at me* “You know I’m moving out, so you are REQUIRED to pick up the phone and call me, [customers’ name], and tell me the elevator is broken!”

Me: “Again sir, I have over 400 other tenants, and I interact with most of them a daily basis. I understand your frustration, and as I stated earlier, you are more than welcome to use the elevator just 25 yards in the other direction. Other than that, there is nothing I can do for you at this time.”

Customer: “Yeah, well, thanks for nothing. You ****ing a*****e.”

Me: “Have a fantastic day!”

*The kicker is that the elevator that is currently working is the elevator we use to show tenants where their space is prior to renting, and is closer to his unit.*