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, | Unfiltered | August 16, 2020

(Our rewards program sometimes allows customers to get a free drink, but only if they choose it on their online profiles. A rewards customer makes a reservation and checks in at 3 AM.)

Customer: *not looking up from phone* “And I’d like a free drink, please.”

Me: “Oh, um–”

(Usually our computer says whether the customer has chosen a free drink on their profile, but for some reason it doesn’t because our system sucks. I reach for one anyway and present it to the customer.)

Me: “Here you go, usually customers get one if they checkin during the day, but I couldn’t see if–”

Customer: *looking up hostilely from phone* “Are you saying that I don’t derserve this drink?!?!?!”

Me: *thinking* “Yeah, that’s why I handed you one, bozo.” *aloud* “No, I’m sorry, sir–”

Customer: “That’s what I thought!” *snatches drink and storms off*

(I’m glad that I’m leaving this industry in a few weeks. Kids, don’t ever work in a hotel, people are just too moody!)