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I use to work at Walmart and after the big back to school sale was over all the school supplies went on sale for 50% or more. We had some last minute shoppers get some great deals except for one woman. She came to my line and wanted a big binder that had been marked down from $12 to $6. When I told her the total was $7 she was very confused but not for the reason you think. She said she thought the price was $12 and I told her it was but the binder was part of the school supplies sale. She seemed confused so I explained it to her. The school supplies was on sale so we could make room for the next seasons items so she was getting a great deal. She didn’t think she was though. “If it’s not $12 then I don’t want it.” She said and then she walked out of the store. I and some customers behind her were very confused but we all got a good laugh.