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I was working at a gas station at a busy intersection of two four-lane highways – so the station was always busy to some degree. One afternoon there was a major power outage in the area around the intersection. Traffic lights were out, police officers were out directing traffic, which meant several police cars parked with their emergency lights on.

The station itself consisted of four pumps on either side of a shoe-boxed sized building. While everybody seemed to catch on that we were without power, I decided to make things easier for everybody, by locking up the store, and camping outside one of the doors- ready to stop anybody that pulled in, to let them know.

Some odd 15, 20 minutes later, a single car pulls in, drives around the outside of one set of pumps, and pulls up to a pump on the other side of the building. So I walk around, and by the time I get there, he’s standing at the pump, ready to grab the nozzle.

Me: I’m sorry sir, we’re currently without power,

Customer: Does that mean I can’t get gas?

Me: (Trying desperately to get my sarcastic side to keep quiet) No, I’m sorry, you cannot.

And thus, the gentleman who thought gas pumps run on midgets and magic, drove off.

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