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It is a very busy day, I have been cashing people out non stop since I’ve been there. I have a huge line. One of our regular, nice customers comes up to me on the other side of my register and I am extremely busy at the moment trying to get my line down.

Regular customer: Excuse me, I just went through another line but forgot this item, would you mind checking it out for me?”
Me: (confused looks down at the line I have, which is about halfway through the store.) I’m sorry you forgot it?
Regular customer:” Yes, it’s just a bag of chips, can you help me?”
Me: (about to start another transaction with another customer. I ask customer who has heard all of this) I’m sorry would you mind if I cashed her out before you?
Customer: (looks at regular customer very nicely) Why should I? What makes your time more important than mine? I don’t think I should.
Regular Customer huffs a bit and explains that she forgot one item and just wants to be done and on her way.
Customer: I understand, but my time is actually valuable as well, I don’t want you to go in front of me, if you forgot something, you should wait in line just like everyone else.
Regular Customer huffs away and throws the bag of chips on my register so I put it under my register where the rest of the items people don’t want end up.
Me: Thank you so much, I admire that, most people would let her go a head of them which is not acceptable.
Customer: It’s just common sense and decency, you know? What makes her time more valuable than mine?
Me: Right!
I continue cashing her out, before she pays she asks me:
Customer: Where are those chips she wanted?
Me: Uhhh.. they’re right here under my register?
Customer: You know what? Add those to my bill, I’ll pay for them and give them to her.
Me: Okay, sure.
She paid for the chips, and while Regular Customer was complaining to Store Manager about us, Customer came up to her and handed her the chips, with me watching from afar seeing how embarrassed Regular Customer was, being confronted in a non violent, extremely kind way, with the chips that were so urgent that she wanted to skip 20 people in line for…