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(I work at a well-known clothes store. A family has just come in, and they have alot of clothes. They were most likely back-to-school shopping. I ring up their purchases, and then..)
*the alarm beeps*
Mother: What was that?
Father: i don’t know.
*i ring up their purchases yet again*
They then go again, and it still beeps.
Mother: Let’s just go. We’ll probably find out it was a sock or something.
*a few hours later, we get a call from the family*
Father: Hello, I think we found out what clothing article it was.
Me: Well, what was it?
Father: A pair of socks.
Me: *starts cracking up*
Father: Whats so funny?
Me: Oh, nothing.
The mother had said “Oh, it’s probably just a sock or something. It was a sock.