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Customer calls (yelling): Hi, I’m really furious, I bought some trousers with you last season but they didn’t fit, I didn’t want to return them so i got them altered, this cost me a lot of money.
Me: It was last season? In case you are in any way unsatisfied, you can always return items within 15 days for free.
Customer: I know that, I bought them again and that’s why I’m calling, they don’t fit! Again! You really need to do something, the sizes are wrong!
Me: Of course, I will give your feedback through, these trousers are re-made every season, and we don’t usually have any complaints, let me help you return the trousers…
Customer: NO! You don’t understand! I want trousers that fit! These don’t fit! And I paid a lot of money last time to get them altered and this time they do not fit again!
Me: I understand, you can return the unaltered ones for a refund.
Customer: I don’t want a refund! I want trousers that fit!
Me: Maybe another model would be suitable…
Customer: No! I want these trousers!
And it goes in circles for a while, then I tell her we’ll check with the production department to see if anything changed with the model (it didn’t)