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One Saturday I was working on the sales floor when a woman approached me with some questions about a pressure washer we sell. We walked over to the unit, of which we had two in stock.

Customer: I wish there was a way I could see what it looks like. (every side of the box, except the bottom, had detailed color photos of it).
Me: (flipping the box around so she could see them all) Here we go, here’s the side, top, etc.
Customer: Hmm…No. Don’t you have a display unit I could see?
Me: I’m sorry ma’am, but these have been going as fast as we can stock them, we haven’t had a chance to assemble a display yet.
Customer: Take this one out of the box and show me then. (Not, can you PLEASE take this one out of the box so I can see it).
Me: sigh. Sure, I can do that for you.
I spend the next ten minutes cutting the tape, fighting with the Styrofoam encasing the unit, and taking the plastic off.
Me: Here we go!
Customer: Hmm…I guess that’ll do.
Me: Can I take one up to the register for you?
Customer: Well that depends, what kind of discount are you going to offer?
Me: Discount?
Customer: Well this one is out of the box now! It’s a display, I should get money off.
I look over to where my boss is eyeing the situation with a look on my face that says “Are you f’n kidding me?” He gives me a nod as if to say “Just give her the sale price and be done with it.”
Me: Uh, sure we can do that (hoping she can’t hear the fact that my teeth are gritted).
Customer: Alright, put it back in the box for me and I’ll buy it.