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I volunteer at a community sponsored volunteer based tv station. We are filming a AA hockey game. I am filming the commentators from across the arena, but they currently cut to an interview of one of the players

Note: I have a noise cancelling headset on and am listening to my director through them

A women taps me on the shoulder and startles making my camera pan to the left. I hurriedly fix it before my director yells at me and lift up one of the headset ears

Me: Yes?

Women: my son is being interviewed (points to my camera’s viewfinder when we can see what’s being played on TV at home). Can I borrow your headset to listen?

Me: Sorry I need to listen to my director through them

Women: But it’s my son

Me: I’m very sorry. You can watch it on our website and it’s on channel XX

Women crosses her arms and walks away

When my director asked me why I panned right I told him what happened and everyone in the truck had a good laugh

I value my job more then a 2 minute interview where the hockey player is asked what type of music the team listens to in the change room (Ps. It’s 21 Savage)