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(There is a charity organization that offers annual movie passes to people who donate, allowing them to see movies for free. Due to how easily this can be abused, we’ve placed a restriction preventing the passes from being used on any movie that has been out for less than two weeks. We also carry a lot of independent movies that don’t play in a lot of mainstream theaters.)

Customer: Hello, can I have two passes for [Movie]. *pulls out his card for the charity organization*

Me: Oh, I’m sorry, sir. You can’t use that for this movie. It just came out last weekend.

Customer: What? You’ve got to be kidding me. I drove 20 miles to come see this movie. Can’t you at least make an exception?

Me: I’m sorry. It’s the theater’s policy. The movie has to have been out for at least two weeks in order for the pass to be used.

Customer: *Getting angry* This is ridiculous! I know [Owner]! You WILL get me the passes for this movie.

Me: Unless I have direct orders from him or one of the managers, I cannot do that. I’m sorry.

Customer: Ok! Fine! I’ll pay for the d*** movie!

(I ring him up for the tickets, but he is not done)

Customer: I’m going to make sure [Owner] hears about this. What is your name?

(By this point, I’m fuming myself, but I’m trying to remain calm.)

Me: [My full name].

Customer: I’m gonna make sure you get fired! *goes in to watch his movie*

(I later found out that the customer in question does in fact know the owner, but the managers assured me that I handled the situation correctly, and left it at that. I quit a couple of months later over an unrelated issue, but before leaving, I ended up talking to the owner, who did mention that the customer said something to him about me, but he simply dismissed it, and said if he wanted to see the movie for free so badly, he should have just come to him first instead of trying to browbeat me into giving him a free pass.)