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I am a head cashier which means I deal with the problems other people won’t. I get a phone call from a cashier asking me to come to a lane.

Me: how can I help?

Customer: This [popular tax software] is supposed to me $54.99!

(It’s ringing up for $89.99)

Me: Where did you see that sale?

(She shows me her phone which is loaded to the software’s home site. It is on sale for download only.)

Me: Well ma’am, the same is only through their website for download, not for a physical copy of the program through (my retail location).

Customer: I know the price is for (popular tax software) g**d*** it! That’s what I’m trying to buy!

Me: But you can only get that price by downloading it from the website.

Customer: You know what? That’s why I don’t shop here anymore. I’ll go to (competitor store).