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(A guest called and asked for a wakeup call. However, the wakeup call does not go through because the phone was left ajar.)

Guest: “Now I’ve missed my meeting! How will you compensate me?”

(I call the manager, who has heard everything.)

Manager: “You had an alarm clock in your room, correct?”

Guest: “Yes!”

Manager: “Why didn’t you use it instead?”

Guest: “I can’t be bothered!”

Manager: “Do you have a smartphone? Cellphone?”

Guest: “Yes!” *shows it*

Manager: “Why didn’t you use the alarm on this?”

Guest: “I can’t be bothered!”

Manager: “…”

Guest: “And how was I supposed to know if the phone was hung up or not? It’s all your fault!” *storms off*

(He wanted a wake up call be couldn’t be bothered? We were scratching our heads a long time after that one.)