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*Its a Sunday at a chain fabric store on an exceptionally stormy day. Tornado watches have been in place all day and as such, the winds are very high. This exchange happens right after our power goes out, rendering the checkout computers useless*

Me to customer 1: “I’m very sorry about this inconvenience, but I can’t take your card. I’ll be happy to put your items on hold though. Again, I’m really sorry.”
Customer 1: “What do you have to be sorry about? You cant control the weather.”
Me: “I assure you someone would have yelled at me for this.”

*Customer 1 leaves and as I’m putting up a sign explaining that we’re closed due to the weather, an older woman walks up to the door*

Woman: “Closed?! What do you mean you’re closed?”
Me: “Ma’am we have no power, nothing inside is working”
Woman: “But I need *extremely specific item*!”
Me: ” Well in sorry, but there would be no way to check you out.”
Woman: “What if I pay in cash?”
Me: “The computers aren’t working, we still can’t check you out or give you change.”
Woman: “Well where am I supposed to go?! I drove two hours to get here!*
*My manager goes up to try to calm her down, giving her various other locations to try in the area but as it is Sunday, the pickings are slim. She shoots down every one of his suggestions.*
Woman: “Well will you be reopening?!”
Manager: “I understand your frustration, but I will have to call my supervisor an hour from now to see if we will be able to reopen, and that’s only if the power comes back on.”
Woman: “Well, my friend has *specific item* I suppose I can ask to borrow hers. But I’ll be back in an hour.”
*she never came back.*