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, | Unfiltered | August 13, 2020

(I can see a customer taking Nurofen (a painkiller) off the shelf from where I was standing. Take note that Panadol (yet another pain killer) are next to each other.)

Customer walks over to me.

Customer: Where is the Panadol?

Me: *confused for a moment because she should have seen the medicine* It’s next to the Nurofen. Nevermind, I’ll show you where it is. (tries to step out of my dispensary)

Customer: Nevermind! I just wanted to tell you what I wanted to get!

Me: ???? Well, it’s next to where you got the Nurofen in case you were wondering.

Customer then wanders around the store a bit more, stopped in from of my insect repellents and said “Michael Jackson was here.”

I am officially confused.