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(I am the manager at a family owned boba place in a mall food court. I was on my break and decided to go look for socks at one of the department stores in the mall. It should be noted that I am wearing a t-shirt with my store’s name and logo on it and also an apron with my store’s name and logo on it. It should also noted that a lot of people assume I’m Hispanic and try speaking Spanish to me. I’m actually half white and half filipino and do not know how to speak Spanish. As I’m browsing the socks, I’m approached by a lady and her teenage daughter.)

Lady: Says something to me in Spanish.

Me: Excuse me? I’m sorry I don’t speak Spanish.

Lady: Says something else to me in Spanish.

Me: I’m sorry I don’t speak Spanish. I’m not Hispanic.

Daughter: She ordered something online and wants to know where she’s supposed to pick it up.

Me: I’m not sure. I don’t work here.

(The daughter says something to her mother in Spanish and the mother says something back.)

Daughter: She wants to know why you won’t help us.

Me: Because I don’t work here.

Daughter: Then why are you wearing a uniform?

Me: Because I’m still working, I work at (boba shop in the food court) I’m just on my break. The people that work here are wearing dress clothes and have nametags that say (name of department store). I’m wearing a t-shirt, apron, leggings and sneakers. Obviously not (department store’s) uniform.

(Daughter says something to her mother.)

Lady: Yells at me in Spanish.

Daughter: She said she’s going to report you to the store manager because you won’t help us.


(They both walk off, while shooting me dirty looks and speaking angrily in Spanish.)