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(i use to work as a cashier at a well known popular store. we had recently changed our policy that all card payments need to be payed at the money center. i currently have no one in my line when a middle eastern man comes up to my line holding a payroll card)

Man: I need to put money on my card.

Me: I’m sorry sir but we cant do that here you have to take it to the money center.

Man: No i always pay it at the register.

Me: I’m sorry we changed the policy we cant take payments here.

(At this point hes noticeably agitated so i go to take his card sense usually the manager will tell us to do it if its a low enough amount.)

Me: How much did you want on it i can do it this time.

Man: No im going somewhere else your racist.

(I stand there dumbfounded as he leaves and i look around confused.)

Me: How is me following the rules racist?

(My coworker could only shrug there shoulders before going back to there register.)