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I work for a company that is decently well known for selling outdoor gear in the “dropship” department, meaning I deal with customers issues when their order is coming from a third party vendor (I refer to them as manufacturers to the customers because too many get confused and insist that we are the vendor since they bought it from us). Every single one of our vendors has a”lead time” it can take to get the item out. This is clearly listed on the website when the order is placed. On the larger or custom items that can be weeks because the vendor has to actually make it. Our company also has a branded credit card through a bank that is owned by the company. The following happens on a VERY regular basis:

Me: [company] dropship department, this is [my name] how can I help you?

Customer: Yeah, I’m looking for tracking on my order that I placed [1-2 business days ago].

Me: OK well since this item is coming directly from the manufacturer, it does take them a couple days to get everything processed and get it sent out. I see that they received your order from us on [date] but have not shipped it out yet. It should ship in the next [timeframe] and tracking should show in your order history once it does. If you haven’t seen anything by [date] feel free to give us a call back and I’d be happy to look farther into this at that time, but unfortunately that’s all the information there is right now.

Customer: That’s unacceptable! I needed this item by tomorrow! I demand that you have one overnighted to me and I won’t pay my credit card until I have it!

Me: *dying a little in the inside* I’m sorry, We don’t carry this item in our stock, it comes directly from the manufacturer. I’m looking at your order right now. There are no problems with it. I can get in contact with the manufacturer and see if we can have it rushed but since it’s not coming from our inventory I can’t guarantee-

Customer: *interrupting* This is rediculous! I’m never shopping with [company] again, I’m cancelling my card and I will not be paying it!*Hangs up*

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