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Note: I was 16 when this story happened and never had a job. I am also wearing a blue shirt and blue jeans, the employee uniform is a red vest with the store name on it.

Customer: “You! I’m looking for [item]!”

Me: “Sorry ma’am, I don’t–”

Customer: “Don’t argue with me! I want [item] and there are none on the shelf. Go get one from the back!”

Me: [less politely] “Lady, I don’t work–”


We happen to be standing right in front of the swinging doors to the back room so she grabs my arm and physically shoves me through the doors. She does it so suddenly that I’m caught off guard and don’t even have the breath to yell before I’m in what looks like the receiving room for shipments.

A man immediately sees me standing ramrod straight, with huge, confused eyes and approaches me.

Employee: “Miss, can I help you?”

Me: ‘Yes please. Some psycho lady just shoved me back here and demanded that I find [item] for her. I’m afraid if I try to go back out, she’ll attack me again!”

He smiles sympathetically at me: “Okay hun, just hang loose and don’t wander around. Let me check for you.”

There are a few minutes as he radios other employees. It bounces around a bit and then the answer comes back that they’re out entirely and won’t be getting any until next week’s shipment. He escorts me out into the store proper and the woman comes marching up to me. The employee steps between us.

Employee: “Ma’am, we are out of [item] and won’t be getting any more until next week.”

Customer: “Well them why didn’t she say so?!”

Employee: “Because she OBVIOUSLY doesn’t work here. She’s not wearing a uniform, or even a name tag, and she has her purse on her arm. Employees aren’t allowed to carry a purse on the clock.”

Customer: “Well she walks like an employee!”

Employee: “…Really?”

I got a coupon for my troubles and about two years of wondering how anyone could be so stupid…. Then I started working retail and realized that lady was actually pretty mild compared to some others.

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