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I work in a major retail store and have dealt with dumb situations. This is my most recent one, I had finished helping a very sweet customer and had pressed my button to call another customer. A lady in her 50’s comes up to my register and I say “Hello, how are you today? Did you find the items that you need?” And she ignored me. So I continued processing her items and put some clothes in one small bag when all of a sudden she snapped and said ” Can’t you see that I have a broken arm and can’t carry that much weight, are you stupid?! I ignored her attitude since there was no cast or anything else to show her “broken arm”. At the end of the transaction I asked her if that was all the items and she snapped again by saying, “what else do you want me to f****** buy?!” “Well there’s a shampoo in the bottom of the cart” and all she said was “Oh, I forgot about that.” She paid and left in a hurry when I asked her about the other times left on the cart.

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