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I worked the watch counter in a national department store (who’s logo is a big red star). We would occasionally get customers looking for high end items that we don’t carry, though other locations do. A customer with a very thick Asian accent comes to my counter to ask me if we carry a particular item.

Customer: You have long jeans?
Me: We do, they would be upstairs in our women’s department or over there in our men’s casuals!
Customer: No! No! LONG JEANS!
Me: Yes ma’am, women’s jeans are upstairs and…
Customer: No! Not pants! (she points at the counter) Long jeans!
Me: I’m sorry?
Customer: LONG JEANS! (She pulls up a picture on her phone) See! Long jeans!
Me: Oh, Longines! Sorry we don’t carry that brand in this location.

Turns out she was looking for a very high end (they run around $2000) watch that we don’t carry.

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