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(I work cashier weekdays, and on weekend on price accuracy crew. The day previous I finished checking and updating the tags in our natural section’s freezer. So at the moment I know all the tags there are all correct. I’m working express check out and a customer comes up with three bags of fries from the freezer. I ring him up.)

Customer: “Those are supposed to be 1.49, not 3.99!” (Already he seems very upset over this.)

Me: “Oh, I’m sorry let me check,” (even though I know the tag should be right I do a show item scan and see that the fries aren’t on sale if you buy a certain number or anything so I tell the customer I’ll go check. I make my way over and check the tags, and sure enough they’re marked at 3.99, and there’s a bunch in there too. I go back and inform the customer that the tag says 3.99)

Customer: “No, the tag said they are 1.49! This is bulls**t,” (at this point I’ve pressed the button on my register that alerts a manger that I need help) “Here, I’ll show you!”
(My manger comes over to see me following the man to the natural section, I’m only going because I want this resolved and I know there wasn’t anyone else in my line waiting.)

Customer: “See look! It says 1.49!” (He is pointing at the tag next to the fries’ actual tag, and by the looks of it, there are no more of that item in stock as the section is empty of a product save a few of the other fires at the back of the freezer.)

Me: “I’m sorry sir, but that is another item’s tag, it looks like a few of those fires spilled in front of the other tag. Those are 3.99.” (So no one else gets confused I pull off the tag of the out of stock item.)

Customer: “Take off that tag!” (He yells this at me after I have already done so and am standing.)

Me: “I have sir, I’m sorry for the confusion, do you still want the fries?”

Customer: “Of course not! This is bulls**t! This always happens here and nowhere else! I might just change stores because it’s always a mess here! Maybe I’ll never come back!”
(He continues yelling and cussing at me as we walk back to my register to finish his order. All the while I’m biting my tongue, wanting to yell ‘then do it, never come again! No-one wants to deal with your attitude!’)

Me: “Again sir, I apologize. Have a nice day!”
(The customer huffs and walks away with his purchases, still muttering. I told my manger and she was fine with how I handled the situation. Another coworker who works customer service told me this particular customer always has an issue and argues everything. Funnily enough through, this man who threatened to never come back went through my line two more times in the two days after the accident occurred. Acting normal as ever, like he hadn’t yelled cusses at me a few days prior. If he hadn’t been so rude I might’ve offered to ask my manger to lower the price for him because of the confusion, if he hadn’t been so rude!)

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