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The Local Thrift Store near me has special days where certain things are discounted. I went on a Wednesday where anything with a ‘red’ sticker is 20% off. As I stand in line everyone in front of me has huge piles of clothing (since there are no barcodes the workers have to literally put every item and price into the computer). I am happily standing in line waiting my turn to buy my few items as the line starts to get rowdy.

Lady in front of me: “HEY MOVE FASTER” *referring to the cashiers*
Lady behind me: “Yea! Come on get some more people up front!”
Employee: “Everyone we have is up front!”
Lady a few people behind me: “This is nuts! I have things to do”
Lady up at the checkout: “Go faster!”

Finally after a while I get up to the register smiling and being very sweet to the cashier, saying hello and telling her she is doing such a wonderful job.

Cashier: “I just gave you the discount for all your items (even ones without the sticker), have a wonderful day!”
Me: “Thank you so very much! Good luck!”

You can tell the employees were trying the best they could to do everything in a timely manner, plus they had a ‘help wanted’ sign out front cause they knew they were understaffed. I hope I made that lady have a little bit of faith in humanity.

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