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The story that made me hate the general public.
So, for those of you that don’t know, Sam’s Club closed at 8:30PM every night (at least it did when I worked there 2004-2008) at one point, while working as a cart attendant, a woman drove up MINUTES after we closed saying she had a birthday cake she needed to pick up for a party the next day, she told me this frantic sob story, and me being the young, stupid, hopeful person, allowed and vouched for her to be allowed into the store to get her item.
AN HOUR AFTER WE CLOSE, I walk into the store wondering why we haven’t been released yet, and I see this woman, the exact same woman begging to get her birthday cake she so desperately needs, waiting in line with three carts FULL of stuff besides the cake.
She lied to me, she said she needed to pick up the cake, and instead of coming in at 8 am the next day when the store opens for the public, she decided to waste over an hour of our time getting 3 carts full of shit besides her cake, she couldn’t even fucking look me in the eye while waiting for the cashier to ring everything up.
She was selfish, knew what she did, couldn’t even look at the person who granted her the permission to do so, and I got yelled at by my manager about the whole situation, I hate that bitch.