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(I work in the bakery at a grocery story, today we have a cake on sale and I’m carrying two stacks, one in each hand, out to refill the display. As I’m walking the top cake on one of the stacks slips, I manage to put my elbow out and catch it, but the cake is now leaning sideways on the rest of the stack in a precarious manner. I look around but none of my coworkers are nearby and because of how I”m holding the stacks I can’t grab the fallen cake. I’m afraid it will fall if I don’t get help soon. Fortunately there’s a customer at the counter who saw the whole thing and is staring at me wide eyed, I carefully take a few steps over to her.)

Me: Could you do me a huge favor?

Customer: *Grabs the half fallen cake and sets it on the counter.*

Me: Thank you so, so much!

Customer: It’s alright.

(And the top of the cake wasn’t even damaged! Thank you, kind customer! You really helped me out when I was in a tight spot!)

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