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(It was approximately 11:30PM only the drive through was open, I was the only worker dealing with customers, and there was the on duty manager and one in the kitchen making meals. This exchange was between me and the customer only. He is driving a diesel truck, and pulls through the sensor pad at the menu-board. I open the window and this is how the exchange proceeds)

Me: Hello, how can I help you? (Our boss, since we are a very small city, doesn’t discourage taking an order at the window)

Customer:*Yells irately* I was sitting at the menu board for over 10 minutes!

Me: *calmly realizing what has happened* I am sorry that you waited so long, however, you mustn’t have been fully on our sensor pad as it didn’t alert me as to someone being there until you drove through.

Customer: *Still irate* I am driving a f*****g diesel here, How could you not hear me?

Me: Sir, I can hear you are driving a Diesel. However as I said, you weren’t on the…

Customer: I don’t think you are listening to me, as I told you I am driving a f*****g diesel truck, you should have had no problem f*****g hearing it

Me: Yes I did hear that you told me you are driving a diesel, I also heard it when you triggered the sensor pad as you drove to the window, but I feel you aren’t listening to me. Your truck was not fully on the sensor pad, and as such it did not trigger the headset.

Customer: F**k. Whatever! Just f*****g give me the f*****g (Food).

I rang it in, told him his total and was happy it was a simple order that took 1 minute to make and hand out. I told the manager on duty who replied.

Manager: What a jerk.

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