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(I am a 19-year-old autistic girl. In terms of this story, I have trouble shopping; while I love it, I usually cannot go up to the register and need someone else to do it for me. Luckily my sister is willing to take me places and generally be my advocate. At the time we’re at a popular clothing store that regularly holds sales where everything on a rack is $5. I’ve selected several items, including a dress I love, and because my therapist has told me to try one new thing that week and I’ve been to this store many times I go to check out on my own with my sister behind me in line. Note: my sister and I look alike from the front, but from behind, she has short red hair in a beanie and I have blond pigtails. Behind my sister are a woman and her daughter.)

Cashier: Hi, how are you?

(I wave back but say nothing, pulling out the exact amount of money to cover. I notice that the dress rang up as $16.99.)

Me: Oh. That was on the $5 rack.

Cashier: I think someone put it there by mistake. Want me to take it off?

Me: Yes, please.

(Unknown to me, the lady and her daughter are discussing me in unpleasant terms that my sister later related.)

Woman: Ugh. Honey, this is why you get everything ready beforehand. It’s just rude. I swear, who even lets this r***** go on her own?

(I finish paying and turn to my sister, and the woman and her daughter see my face for the first time)

Me: Hey, [Sister], I’m going to [consignment shop across the mall]. Meet me there?

Sister: Sure, [Myname].

(After I left, my sister tells me that the lady and her daughter were subjected to her glare; my sister is small, but extremely intimidating. They did not say another word. The kicker? She hung around and watched them check out, and they took far longer than I had!)