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A guest is staying at the hotel for a few days and has a package delivered from Amazon. Normally, if a packaged is delivered we would inform the guest that there is a package there for them but on this day it slipped through the cracks (it happens and normally is not an issue because the guest knows their package has arrived because Amazon emails/texts when packages are delivered). The customer comes down to the front desk and ask for his package during shift change. The Front Desk rep. kindly asks the guest for I.D. He presents his room key as I.D. The FDR kindly says we actually need I.D. with your name on it to ensure we protect the package and the owner of the package. He refuses to present actual govt. issues I.D. and says he doesn’t understand why he can’t present his room key as I.D. so he can be given his package and then storms off.

The guest then decides to call minutes later and asks that his package be delivered to his room. The FDR getting off shift says, Ok, no problem. At this point, I am on shift and ready to tackle the evening’s work. As I am getting started with my work, he calls again and asks about his package. I inform him as soon as I get done with my current task, I will bring it right up (since I am the only worker in the building over night I try to get to everything as soon as possible so guests don’t have to wait too long). While on the phone, the guest asks will he need anything for the package. I proceed to say, normally we ask for ID, and he immediately cuts me off, starts cussing and fussing because he doesn’t understand why he has to present I.D. Now had he not cut me off, I was going to tell him that I would bring the package up as a courtesy with no issue. As I am trying to talk, he is speaking over me and then hangs up. I immediately called my management to inform them of this very disrespectful guest who does not want to present I.D. to get his own package. Management informs me that I am right for asking for I.D. and to inform the guest that they can stay at another hotel if he is not satisfied with the service (It didn’t have to go that far but having the option was nice).

As I am continuing my work, the guest calls again about his package and I inform him that I have no issue with bringing the package to the room. I attempted to explain the need for I.D. but he wasn’t trying to hear it and proceeds to curse at me and then hangs up the phone again. I get a call a few minutes later from guest services asking what happened. I explain and then inform them to tell him that I will bring the package up to the room. I take the package up, knock a few times with no answer. I then leave and return to the front desk. I get a call from the guest asking about the package. I explain that I just left his room, knocked and he didn’t answer. He says no I did not but I wasn’t going to debate with him so I go back to the room to deliver the package. He answers the door, I hand him the package and he bates me into a discussion about the package (me not knowing he is recording the conversation on video but that didn’t matter to me). He proceeds to lie about his interaction with the first FDR and say she laughed at him which she did not. She only explained he needed I.D. and because he wasn’t trying to hear it he stormed off. He brings up the fact that he did not receive an indicator stating that he had a package. I explain to him that not getting a package indicator and him not wanting to present I.D. are completely different things. We go back and forth (for less than 30 seconds) explaining our positions but ultimately I told him to have a nice evening. He rambled on as I left and he grabs his video camera to talk to it to plead his case.

Now, I am all for the customer being “right” because I am a consumer but at the end of the day we all need respect for one another and understanding. Without it, we are uncivilized and chaotic as a society. I understood his desire to have his package and I understood the logic that he would probably be the only person asking for his package. From a business perspective, FRAUD is real and as a company/employee I have to take all the preventative measures to make sure thefts do not occur. I guess I.D. is too much to ask for…