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I was in the checkout line at Wal-Mart after a very frustrating experience trying to do an exchange, and I literally had two things in my hands. The line I was in was really long and another register opened up next to us. The cashier over there called us over and the lady behind me with a full cart bolted ahead of me and started unloading her groceries onto the belt. At this point I had been in the store for almost 45 minutes and I was very tired and frustrated.
me: (very politely to the woman) “Excuse me ma’am, I only have two things, would you mind if I checked out while you unload your stuff?” (I neglected to mention the fact that she had already cut in front of me)
customer: *sighs heavily* “I guess, but next time you should really just choose a register with a shorter line if you’re in such a rush.”
me: “Well this one was a short line when I got in, but I guess I didn’t notice how full some of the other people’s carts were.”
customer: *really rude and frustrated at this point* “Well there are shorter lines over there”
(She points all the way to the other end of the register line, on the opposite side of the store where I parked)
me: “Well I parked over here so I just chose the shortest line on this side”
(at this point I don’t think I’ve said anything rude, but she obviously disagrees)
customer: “Well you don’t need to be a b*tch about it”
(This middle aged woman then proceeds to shove all of her groceries on the belt, pushing my two things off, which I barely caught before they fell on the ground and broke. The whole time I’m checking out she is glaring at me and pushing me forward with her cart. I decided to just ignore her because if you are a forty-something year old and you feel the need to bully teenage girls at the grocery store, then you seriously have other problems