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Me: Thank you for calling Doheny’s, this is Erin. How can I help you today?
Customer: Yes, Hi. I have a spa and the fountain thing doesnt seem to be working anymore. Its just trickling.
Me: Ok ma’am, do you have the model number of the fountain for the spa?
Customer: No
Me: Do you know who the manufacturer of the spa is?
Customer: No. Why cant you just tell me why the fountain isnt working?
Me: Ma’am, I need some information on what you have to make sure we are doing the right thing. Did you purchase this spa from our company?
Customer: No. But I twisted this knob thing and a bolt came off. What does that do?
Me: Ma’am, without knowing what spa you have, I honestly, dont know. I cant even look up a manual with no information on the product. If you can find out who made the product, you might want to call them for help at this point.
Customer: Well what good are you?!
*Customer hangs up on me*