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(These type scenarios occurred almost every day at my dressing room job for a fashion/home decoration department store.)

Customer: *coming in hot with a cart full of clothes and other items* I’ve got a bunch!
Me: Woah, a) you have to leave your cart outside the rooms, it’s a fire hazard. b) you can’t bring random household items in. c) I have to physically count and separate your items. *point to camera* they make sure I do every time.
Customer: I can’t believe it, they treat me like a criminal here!
Me: Would you believe me if I told you it’s actually not in my control?

Customer: *coming in hot* Gotta use your bathroom!
Me: That’s not a bathroom. It’s a dressing room for families and those with disabilities. Bathroom is *points* down there.
Customer: *ignores me and goes past me to the change room* *tugs on door* It won’t open!
Me: I can open it for you, and sure, you can pee in there, but there’s no toilet.
(One customer didn’t believe me and when I opened it to show her, she got mad at me for wasting her time! Another time, it was super busy and a customer snuck past me to use the “washroom”. They tugged on the door for a good few seconds while a customer was actually in there changing! I feel so bad for that lady who opened the door confused as hell in her bra… By the time I was able to explain everything it was too late.)

(In my store we were not allowed to leave our desk in the fitting rooms because lots of people try to sneak into the rooms so they don’t have to get their items counted and can steal. This means customers must bring back everything they brought in to me so that I can a) make sure they didn’t steal anything and b) not have to clean up after every single customer. And again, they watch me on the camera to make sure I’m doing my job.)
Customer: *comes out of the change room with nothing in hand* Bye!
Me: Um… Where are your items and number tag?
Customer: I left it all in there, duh! You’re just standing here, you can go get it.
Me: *sigh* *calls a coworker from the sales floor to go in and get everything*

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