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(I am the customer in this situation and being a vegan I have to ask on occasion what is in food in unfamiliar locations, my first day back in Education as a mature student this exchange happens in the canteen/refectory)

Me: Hey man, do you have any vegan options?

Cook: Humm, not sure, I cooked this curry this morning its basically tomatoes, onions and chickpeas.

Me: Cool, ill have that.

Cook: Are you sure? Can vegans eat chick peas?

(A bit confused but not one to judge as I’ve had stranger questions “Vegan? So You don’t eat animals?” … yup… “So you cant eat fish”?)

Me: (I laugh slightly to my self ) In all honesty that’s all we can eat.

The Cook utterly baffled by my response served me and walks off.

(I’m not sure what he thought chickpeas were, but I’m awfully worried about the college I attend as the chef’s are students too)

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