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I work at a popular theme park, inside of a restraint. Our restaurant is Hollywood movie themed and happens to be lined by palm trees. These palm trees have grates over the roots, with around 4 feet of root beneath and a water system. Kids find the grate system fascinating and are always trying to drop things down them.

Well, one day I was cleaning the dining room when I heard, “Help! Help! She fell!” I ran over there with my manager and it turns out that a 600 pound woman had someone moved the metal grates (we’re not sure how) and fallen in the hole with the palm tree.

We ended up closing off the main dining room area and calling security, maintenance, the building owner an ambulance, and the Vice President of the park to come fish her out of the hole in the dining room floor. Last I saw of it before I went on break, the woman had her ankle wrapped and was being carted off by the ambulance.

Also, I came back to work the following day and the managers had solved the grate problem by laying a rug over the open hole and ropes to cordon off the palm tree area.

Truly a sight to see.

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