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(I used to work at an animal shelter where the uniform was scrubs. The different departments, like adoptions, vet clinic, etc., had different coloured scrubs to signify different departments. My kennel cleaning department wore dark forest green scrubs. Right after work, during my drive home, is when I usually did my grocery shopping. It didn’t matter which store I went into, whether it be a store where they wear a white shirt and a lime green apron or a store where they wear deep blue shirts, the following conversation would happen in some form or other)

Me: *Minding my own business, pushing my own cart, doing my own shopping*
Other Customer: Excuse me, miss. Do you know where the (whatever item they’re looking for) is?
Me: *Shrugging* No idea. Sorry.
Other Customer: Don’t you work here?
Me: No. Sorry.

(I would usually get confused and distrusting looks after that but luckily nobody kicked up a fuss. This didn’t happen every time but it happened at least once every few months and it was frequent enough to become quite annoying)

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