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I operate rides in an amusement park. I’m letting people into a ride where you have to be 140 centimeters to go. In some rides children just have to be with an adult to go, but this one says MINIMUM 140 on all signs, and we are quite strict when it comes to safety.
It’s late December, so we are only open for a week or so before we close for 3 months to get ready for spring.

I’m measuring a girl, and she is around 3 – 4 centimeters to small.
Me: I’m sorry, sweetie, but you’re a little to small to go. Come back in the summer, and I’m sure you’ll be able to go!

As the girl starts to leave her dad yells to contact me.
Dad: Hey, hey! What if she just goes with me?
Me: I’m sorry, a minimum of 140 centimeters. It’s for safety reasons. To make sure people fit in the seats.
Dad: But she’s very brave!
Me: I’m sure she wouldn’t get scared, but we could risk her getting hurt, and we don’t want that.
Dad: But it’s only a few centimeters! It has to be alright!
Me: The limit is 140. If it’s okay to be a few centimeters to small, where should I then put the limit? Where should I stop?
Dad: Hm… good point. Come on, sweetie, let’s find something else!

His tone of voice completely changed after I made the statement with the limit. He was never rude, but just very bossy and a tad stern-sounding. But then he suddenly sounded like I blessed him with new information. Very strange.