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(It is close to the inauguration, and we’re getting a lot of wackjob customers who have very strong opinions about Trump. But this one was the worst of the worst.)

Wackjob: “I’m going to tell everyone that Trump is a pothead at his inauguration! I can prove it. Will you call my lawyer if I get arrested? His number is this.”

Me: “Um what?”

Wackjob: “Oh and Trump might send a hitman to silence me beforehand, so you might want some more security.”

Me: *jawdrop*

Wackjob: “Yes, I don’t want anyone to be hurt. Because he WILL SHOOT YOU if you try anything.” *leaves*

(I pulled myself together and was extremely nervous that one of his wackjob friends would try to attack, but I wasn’t sure to call the police or not. I knew the police would bother with anyone acting paranoid. Usually I call them if there is a noise disturbance, and I wasn’t sure if this counted as a terrorist attack. Fortunately, my manager called the police himself and asked them to escort him out! Thankfully, the wackjob didn’t return.)

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