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A customer requested an appointment at a pretty short notice. The only thing I could do for him is to schedule the appointment for the very next morning, right after we opened (that would be 7:30). He said that’s fine. However I wasn’t able to put him in for 7:30, so I had to click 7:15. Every customer whose mobile phone number we have in our system, automatically gets a reminder on the day before their appointment.

Me: Okay, so that’s all set for you. You are going to receive an automatic reminder text on your mobile phone sometime this afternoon. I can’t prevent the system from sending this, and since I wasn’t able to click 7:30, the text will say that your appointment is 7:15. Please just ignore that. Your appointment will still be at 7:30. We don’t open until 7:30, so there is really no need to be here earlier than that.
Customer: Okay. See you tomorrow.

The next morning, I’m there at 7:00 to get everything ready. About 7:10 I hear something that sounds like someone is banging against our windows, but it’s winter and so it is pitch black outside and I can’t see a thing. I hear that noise again once or twice, but being a woman, alone, with an open register full of cash, I don’t open the doors until everyone else is in their position. So I unlock the doors at 7:25. My customer scheduled for 7:30 storms in, furious af and starts yelling at me.

Customer: This is outragious!!!!! I’ve been waiting for you to open since 7:05 !!! You can’t let me wait outside !! It’s f***** cold and it’s snowing.
Me: Sorry Sir, but there was no need to be here that early. We don’t open until 7:30 on weekdays.
Customer: But I got a text saying I need to be here by 7:15 !!!!! I’m going to complain about you! I know your manager!! This is gonna have consequences for you!!!!!!! You saw me out there and didn’t let me in !!!
Me: I’m sorry you felt that way, but if you could just turn around – I’d like to show you something.

We both turn to face the windows.

Me: Now tell me what you can see through that window.
Customer: NOTHING!!! IT’S DARK OUTSIDE!!! What’s the point???
Me: Sir, how was I supposed to see you out there in complete darkness?
Customer: *mumbling some bad words*

Thankfully my coworker came to take care of the customer. When our manager arrived, I told him the whole story and he said I did nothing wrong. The customer never complained though.

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