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(I work at a food company and get lots of stupid calls passed over to me all the time, this one takes the cake. A Thai lady called and this conversation was conducted in Thai)

[Co-worker passes me a call she was on]
Me: Hello, how can I help you?
Lady: Did you find out?
Me: I’m sorry, can you tell me again what was the issue?
Lady: My friend from the Phillipines sent over information from a radio show that canned fruit from Thailand has HIV. I love to eat canned lychee so I need to know if this is true.
Me: Ah, I’ve heard of that rumor before. It was often sent as forwards.
Lady: I went to the local supermarket and there was NO canned fruit.
Me: That’s not possible ma’am. There are no issues with canned fruit from Thailand.
Lady: It’s from a radio show, let me send it to you. Do you have LINE? (messaging app)
Me: Sorry I do not have LINE. There are no issues with our product ma’am.
Lady: YOU NEED TO CHECK THE NEWS! We’re all going to die.
Me: There are no issues ma’am.
Lady: Are you Thai?
Me: Yes
Lady: Oh, because your Thai isn’t great. Were you born here?
Me: Yes
Lady: Well my son was born here and works on WALL ST. His Thai and English is perfect.
Me: I’m sorry my Thai isn’t good enough for you.
Lady: I don’t normally speak to anyone who doesn’t speak Thai clearly.

(I let her rant and then hang up. Needless to say, I was on FIRE after that)

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